Convert Wordpress to OSclass/ Open-Classifieds

I have a classifieds site based on Wordpress. At first it was OK, but now with its growth day by day, it seems site is slow. Now I realize I made a mistake choosing Wordpress for this.

As you may know there are very popular two open source classifieds script out there namely OSClass and Open-Classifieds.
Im thinking about converting my site into one of them (still researching about which is better)

Now my question is, is it “technically possible” to convert wordpress to either one of those?
Because I googled and couldn’t find any reference about this (whether its possible or not)

Im sure there are experts in this forum. What do you think?



I am Chema Open Classifieds founder.

I think is a natural choice you move to Osclass or Open Classifieds. They are specific software and they will work much better than WP for sure :wink:

I can not talk about osclass but at OC we have an import tool to import our data.

So if somehow you can export your ads from the WP (which should be possible) then you can add them into OC :wink:

Maybe is not as easy as it sounds but you can always pay someone to do this for you.

If you need anything else feel free to contact us! thanks and goo luck!

Its good to get a “official” answer.
Thanks a lot.

Welcome!! hope we can help you out :wink:

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