Convert week days to actual date

Hi, is it possible to convert “Tuesday” to actual date ? example the date of the day tuesday in this week is 2015-09-1

Thank you in advance.

Or maybe I didn’t get your question?


I am confuse how to convert tuesday to exact date in this week to get

use strtotime to get the appropriate week date, then convert that value to a date.

$date = new DateTime(strtotime('next Tuesday'));
echo $date->format('YY-mm-dd');
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Thank you for the reply, can I ask what is the ‘next’ ? I didn’t see that in manual.

It’s in the relative date formats:

it works now using this

echo date(‘Y-m-d’, strtotime(‘Tuesday’));

@DaveMaxwell, Thank you :smile:

You can also do it this way →


$myDate = new DateTime("Next Tuesday", new DateTimeZone("America/Detroit"));

echo $myDate->format("Y-m-d") . "<br>\n";
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