Convert PHP generated HTML into multi-worksheet workbook


I have been trying to convert PHP generated HTML strings into a multi-worksheet workbook but I’m not reaching a usable approach. I am basing this on the fact that spreadsheet applications can understand HTML and therefore render the spreadsheet accordingly.

The solutions that worked with me only allow a single worksheet in the generated spreadsheet workbook. When I looked for more advanced solutions I ended up with Excel convertor PHP classes (Ex. PHPExcel and others), but they require me to specify the value of each cell individually, which is something I am not willing to do because I am trying to convert what is being displayed on screen in HTML as multi-sheets workbook along to the styles.

Any ideas pls?

Thank you

I’m confused. How would you ever NOT specify the value of each cell individually? Each cell is an individual piece of data.


Thanks for the reply.
The idea is put HTML (tables) as the content of the worksheet and let the spreadsheet software parse it given that applications such as MS Excel can interpret the HTML. This is working well with one spreadsheet, but the problem is in doing multiple worksheets in the same workbook.


So your question is not to the PHP forums as to how to make this possible, but to the Excel forums to find out what HTML Excel would accept to indicate separate worksheets.

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