Convert PDF files to ePub format

hi,I 'm a student of a college,There is a problem bothering me for a long time.
I have a CD of PDF files, is there a way I can convert them to ePub files?
Is there an online/desktop tool that will allow me to do that?

There are converters that will make PDFs into webpages but it’s not a great result. A jpg or png image would be your best bet for visuals but will remove any text related functions like copying.

Why not just use the PDF its self? PDFs render well across web and mobile and while they don’t offer much interactivity, you can host them via a more feature rich page.

I have heard many people speak highly of Calibre, but I’ve never used it personally.

calibre - E-book management

Since I am a eBook lover, so I think some useful site to make the conversion.
There is free PDF to ePub converter online but it has a catsh that you may not convert in batch at one time. And it perhaps takes a long time to present you the output files.

See my post above for the correct URL. is a Wells Fargo site.

Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea. An ePub file, essentially, is a ZIP file with a bunch of HTML and image files inside. HTML is essential in order for the content to be reflowable. When you start with a PDF, you don’t have the flow, so you usually end up converting PDF pages into images, which sort of defeats the purpose of ePub.

There are pdf to epub converters online. Some of them are total free.

The question was asked 6 months ago, I’m sure the OP has found a solution by now.
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