Conversions Needed On High Traffic eCommerce Website

A friend of mine is wondering why he’s not getting many conversions. I would like to help him out, but since I’m familiar with his brand and his website I’m not able to give him feedback as a new user. I’m just curious what your thoughts are on his Magento eCommerce website. As a new user do you trust the website? Does the navigation work for you? Once you hit the site, click the “Shop” icon to navigate to the store.

I had to check out this site based on the comments above and I think they were going easy on the site.

What an absolutely horrible site, layout and domain name…

As others have said, scrap the whole thing and start over.

That is a terrible website. Your friend will never sell a thing.

Scrap it and start again.

OK … but you see the obvious
problem here?

If I tried to figure out your site
but could not figure out the connection
I doubt others will either.

But now that I understand the concept,
I see it also violates a basic marketing


You need to make a much better case
for explaining why anyone would be getting
a “real” gold watch for the price of a t-shirt.

The initial marketing message needs to
overcome this initial resistance in order
to get the customer to continue further.

When you buy a t-shirt, you get a free gold watch. Checkout the video for more information about the FREE GOLD WATCH concept. …it seems to sell
everything but Gold Watches???

If a person goes to a “Gold Watch” site,
there’s a good chance they want to buy a
watch …not a t-shirt or sun glasses.

For starters, the right navigation doesn’t even show up for me unless I maximize my browser. I typically browse with my window roughly 1024x900, but at that width, the navigation is covered completely.

Even after I maximized the window out of curiousity, I didn’t see the shop link. I gave up after the top nav, Wholesale and FGTV took me no where.

Wow it’s a confusing site. The design is very old and I think people see it and run away. Try hiring a young designer to help you get an up to date design.

I agree the site’s 80s apple OS look and the lack of clarity about its prupose as an online store won’t help you at all.
User interface design must start with something that looks like all the other sites out there. That basis will ensure that you don’t confuse the users about your purpose and about how to use your service. Then you can try new things and diverge towards a better design but always start with something simpler and not too surprising. It’s just like regular stores, people don’t waste their time looking for tires in a tire shop if it looks like a bakery… etc.

Unfortunately that one of the most confusing sites I’ve ever seen…

Thanks for the feedback bluedreamer! Can you give me any specifics?

It is not even obvious that this is a shop. You cannot expect users to search the site to find that little shop button. I’d suggest to hire a firm to create a professional eCommerce site for your friend. The current site is completely unusable. Absolutely nothing works, as harsh as it sounds. :confused:

What appears to be your main navigation “File | Edit | View | Special” don’t lead anywhere, they just link to the same page, that’s just confusing and the names don’t exactly tell the user what they’re supposed to do.

Can’t say I’m a fan of the “OS” look, it’s a nice idea but doesn’t really work for a site selling watches?

Wholesale link just gives me a popup login box, no explainations. What if I’m interested in wholesaling your stuff, where do I find information about that?

The real site navigation on the right (when I found it it!) doesn’t work for me because it was very hard to find, and if you can’t find it few people people will click through to anything.

The shop link is a javascript link so search engines probably won’t follow it and won’t index any product pages.

Once in the shop area it’s not obvious what I’m looking at all the time. Click “Men” and you get a photo of a dude and a “view/buy” button - buy what? It’s not very clear what I might be buying :slight_smile: OK so I click on the button and I get some options but I’m still not clera about what a ‘Honus 206’ is, is it a baseball cap, a tshirt of a pair of jeans? Aren’t you supposed to be selling watches?

Sorry for the negative comments but I can’t see the site working the way it is. If you’re selling stuff online you can’t beat a generic “shop” type design/style/layout and having the shop as your front page.

Agree with everything Rob said.

If you’d like to have your site analysed by more people, then you might want to take it to the Website Reviews forum. :slight_smile: