Conversion rate and urgency

Hello everyone,

I just launched this online shop - mens fashion and luxury products.

Would be very glad to hear advice and tips on how I can improve the shop, enhance conversion rate and give it more urgency.

I am practicly looking for ways to generate more sales by
Increasing the clarity of my offers
Improveing my value proposition
Reducing anxiety
Reducing distractions
Adding urgency to my offers

Any help, advice, tips and or comments are very welcome.

Thank you

I’ll be succinct but please don’t think me rude…
Frustration: Your site loads quite slowly, perhaps because of the number of images or perhaps their size. That might be causing people to drop out of your site even before they think of buying something.
Distraction: main ad banner is IMHO occupies too much of the screen and thus doesn’t give your top products opportunity to shine through or take center stage.
Anxiety: Black text on a red background is never pleasant on the eye (your Banner and SALE stickers).
I think there’s plenty of urgency on your site - any more would probably put customers off.
Analytics: Do you have any analytics running on your site? So that you can find out at which point in the process customers are leaving.

Perhaps looking how some of the bigger players deal with their brand, product lines and positioning might help you focus on yours
hope this helps


Thank you kindly for your constructive reply.

  • Done a bit but I will need to optimize everything on the go while the databases etc keeps growing.
    Can you check if it feels better now?

  • We are constructing a showroom section to focus on products.

  • Changed that, is it better on the eye now?

  • Yes I do, still figuring it out also using heat maps etc.

Yes I am constantly on the look out.

Certainly an improvement but as I’m sure you are aware there’s a long way to go… Try looking at this as an example -
its by no means perfect but note the layout, the colours images. These guys spend a lot of time and no doubt money on their presence. I’m not suggresting for a moment you try and copy it but analyse the bits you like and then look at your site and ask yourself “What am I missing here?”

Please understand me when I say its not about simply reacting to peoples opinionsor advice its analysing and then deciding what is right for your site. Otherwise you’ll end up with a poorly focused disconnected presence whcih is not what you want…

Good to hear you see an improvement.

Yes I know, I already have a list of competitors etc which I analyse frequently and implement the pros into my shop.
I am certainly aware that there is a long way to go, it is also not meant to be finished tomorrow as this is a growing process of the brand as well as the shop.That question you asked is exactly what I am asking and that is also one of the reasons I posted a topic here. I am glad to receive this kind of responses because that is also where I am after. I reacted to your opinion and advice because it is in the right line of the topic and most of the things suggested were already on the roadmap. It is not like as if you have suggested any radical things. The creative aspect is not what is being asked here tho, it is the functional and technical aspects of the shop reflected upon conversion rate and how to improve that concretely.

Hi Guys,

Can you all please give a short review since we’ve developed a bunch of new things?


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