Controversial issues with graphic arts?

hi mates…
how are you all?? hey what are some controversial issues with graphic arts now days?? share your views…
thanks :slight_smile:

How much porn is too much porn (if too much porn can exist). :slight_smile:

-whether or not any design is truly original or just how well we borrow from each other
-whether designing for youth has anything to do with actual youth culture or is just a reflection of the commercial influences of the adults designing for them
-how much an image has to change before it becomes a new work of ‘art’
-when a popular image should pass into the public domain or what constitutes fair use.

Well I’m sure you could spend pretty much the rest of your life watching porn and never run out of new material. I think you’d be running out of energy before porn :wink:

whether or not web designers should know web markup languages (they should)… I’m shocked at how many designers I’ve run into who won’t (the key word here is “won’t”)