Controlling widths on Horizontal Navigation

Putting together some horizontal navigation at which will then be moved into the real project when it is done. I know that the styling is not finished right now as far as appearance goes. The issue now is that for the list items that are always visible (the row at the top) I’d like those list items to be no longer than their content (well, with a little padding, of course) but right now they are showing up at the width of the menus nested within them. Is there any way to control this? Thanks in advance for any help.

Making some headway on this…


Are you sorted with this as the top level items seem to be only content width. The sub menus should have no effect on the parent’s width because they are absolutely placed. The width of the sub menu though will usually default to the parents width unless you give it a width or force the width by other means.

Makes sense. Thanks.