Contract website development

Hi. I now make a contract about website development on two languages. I had made a contract on one language(Russia), now i need to translate it on English. It would be interesting to look on international sample(English version) of contract about website development. I would be glad if somebody will send a sample on <snip>deleted</snip>

With something as important as a contract, it would be advisable to have a professional translation made. Looking at someone else’s sample will not necessarily be relevant to your particular case. Also, legal terminology varies from country to country, so a contract that’s appropriate for, say, Great Britain wouldn’t necessarily be suitable for the USA.

Have a translation done by someone whose native language is English and who understands the legal terminology in the country in question.


If i would make a translation pf contract and then somebody from this forum will read it and tell what seems wrong? I would be glad for your help.

A dual language contract needs to be translated by a professional translator who is skilled (certified even) at legal language and will certify that the translation is accurate in meaning and not just words. Then, the contracts should be executed together, using whatever process applies in your country - in some jurisdictions the contracts should be literally in a single document with a certification from the translator. In other situations, it’s ok for either party to sign their respective contracts.

If you are getting your translation and legal support on a forum rather than from professionals it’s hard to expect that the contract will turn ok well, and if there is a dispute you might wind up without the protection you need.

That’s not a good idea. It should be done professionally, and you should expect to pay an appropriate fee for it.


Sagewing is 100% correct. You need a professional -legal- language translator to do the conversion. That’s slightly different from someone that does normal translations.