Contra-deal - What does it mean?

Anyone know what a contra-deal means?

I dont, but it might be helpful if you gave the context in which the word was used.

Google says [result summary]: A contra deal is where a business will exchange their own goods and services for the goods and services of another, usually without the exchange of money

I first saw the term in an email sent to me from another website. They want to do a contra-deal with my website.

From Dan’s post I gather it’s a barter deal? something like a banner exchange maybe?

A contra-deal for websites would mean you exchange your website with their website.

For example, if they own and you own; they want to take and offer you in exchange.

Of course, it can be 2 or more sites; and sometimes may even contain advertising (or other methods). Money may also be involved in rare cases; although its not only money.