Continuous knowledge contribution

Hi everybody,

First of all my name is Kamarul Hashim, I am a Doctoral Candidate at AUT University, New Zealand.My research area is on understanding user’s behavior in online communities. In my doctoral study, my focus is to understand user’s continuous knowledge contribution behavior using business online communities. Sitepoint Forum is well known for its extensive knowledge sharing activities. Thus justifying why I chose this community as one of my research sample. Furthermore to maintain the vibrant within this community it is important to understand what are the factors that might influence members’ continuous knowledge contribution behavior.

Therefore I am happy to invite those with experience contributing knowledge using this forum to participate in my web survey. Knowledge contributor is not limited to those who have posted new articles or solutions into the forum but also including members who have posted answer to asked questions and redirect others to potential resources (other web pages/post or individuals).The information from this web survey will be used for my doctoral thesis. To access the web survey please click on the link below:

I really appreciate your time and effort to participate in this web survey. Again thank you very much.
*P/S: Sorry if my call for participation is considered as misusing the community.

Kamarul Hashim