Continuous image revealed by menu opening?

In your IE7 stylesheet you have hidden the overflow on the menu which menans the nac can nver show,

#main-nav-container {max-height:35px;overflow:hidden;}

Remove that whole line and it will work in IE7.

well your grand daughter is 6 months older now

Yes she’ll be two in January and my daughter just had another one at 6 o’clock this morning :slight_smile:


Congratulations, Grampa :slight_smile: [/ot]

Congratulations! and you still took time to answer my question, what a guy. Hope all are happy and well
thanks yet again

Yes all are fine - thanks all :slight_smile:

I am away in Australia, my friend tells me after I did some updates to her site the menus do not work again, in IE7. I made sure i had the fix you gave me previously. I have not seen the problem, on a mac here while away. I had someone confirm for me. They said fine in IE8 and 9. Menus do not open in IE7 again.
Also now the product images do not appear in IE7, they do momentarily then vanish, also in IE only 2 across not 3.
Insert all too familiar rant about IE here. Hope you can help.


The menu seems to be working in iE7 but has a z-index issue.

Just add:


If you have missing items in IE7 then it is likely a haslayout issue so try adding zoom:1.0 to any parent elements that don’t have a width defined.


.wpsc_container {zoom:1.0}

You have a lot of style blocks in the html which isn’t helping. They should all be in the head to be valid although usually they do no harm in the body but make it hard to work with.

If the elements still display 2 across then double check the dimensions (including margins) as IE will stretch the element if content inside is too wide or over constrained and the you only get two elements per line instead of three.