Continual Music in Iframe

I just finished a website for a band and it went live yesterday. I
put my music player in an iframe so it would play continuously. It stops
and re-starts on every page. It is my understanding that an iframe is the
way to go for this. Any ideas? Thank you.

You will probably have to put the content that changes in the iframe as reloading the page that contains the iframe will reload the iframe too.

I don’t understand the response. The only thing in the IFRAME is the music player and that does not change. I thought the IFRAME only loaded one time??? Am I wrong? :frowning:

Is there a way to make the iframe only load once so the music keeps playing?

Thank you so much. I have search for this answer. I have found others with the same question but no solution as of yet.

the site is

Do not put the player in the iframe put it on the page with the iframe and load the various page content into the iframe.

Dearest Ben Partch:

I appreciate your help but I seriously don’t understand your latest instructions. I just don’t get it about putting my page into the iframe. I will think about it and maybe it will come to me while watching college basketball this evening. It is interesting to note that I have searched the internet far and wide - I have found my same question numerous but no answers.

Thank you. BTW - my name is Ellen :wink:

You need to put the music in the page and the page content in the iframe and then just change the iframe content to go from one page to the next if you want tyhe music to continue playing. An iframe inside a page gets unloaded when the page containing it does, it doesn’t know that the next page will contain the same iframe.

The easiest way to get music to play continuously is to attach it initially using an <a> tag. That way the music will start playing when your visitor clicks the link and continue playing until it finishes regardless of what pages they visit while it is playing.

Dear Stephen - I don’t understand about <a> tag - can show me an example. Thank you.