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I want to make my content full-width to fill more space equally. It is full width now but it lefts out the right part of the screen.

This is an equally aligned content

This is the current Situation

If I understand you correctly, your content is currently aligned left (default behaviour) and you want it justified. You can achieve that using text-align: justify.

I don’t know if there’s an easy way to do this in Wordpress (I don’t use WP), or if you’d need to create a child theme.

That’s what I am searching for as I am using WP.

If there is a way without a plugin. I know about justifying the content.

I have found the container of the content where I have changed the text alignment.

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The spacing between the words after justifying is a problem now.

This should help:

I saw this earlier. It won’t help.

Word-spacing and letter-spacing does help.

  text-align: justify;
  text-justify: inter-word;



You can try to do it on a live editor.

word-spacing: -1px OR letter-spacing: -1px will do the job fine.

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