Content seems to be underneath


Why cant i click on the top 2 vacancies on this page? I cant click on the “Deputy Nursery Manager” vacancies.

I am using Firefox.

This is the page:-

Hope someone can help.


The #rightcolumn div is overlapping that section of the page. It either needs to be narrower or to have a lower z-index than the main content.


I noticed this so i tried setting the z-index for #rightcolumn to 99 and the #recruitment_content to 99 but it didnt work…

Any ideas?


Hi, the problem is the right column is overlapping the left. Make these changes

#rightcolumn{width:auto;/*SPECIFICALLY specify this*/}

You were basically cutting the widths short :).


Thanks Ryan, the problem is that it is affecting other pages…

If i change the #rightcolumn it also changes on other pages.

So i need an alternative…

Can i not work with the z-index?


If you want a cheap shortcut then yes I suppose z-index will work



ur a legend Ryan!

That worked perfectly.


You’re welcome :). In the future I’d post this in the CSS forum (no offense to this section of the forum, but faster responses will be in the CSS forum since I refresh that every 10 or so minutes lol

no wonder, i thought you’d stopped using the forum lol

ok il use CSS from now on!


Oh no lol I’m addicted to this place :p. I’ll always be there to answer for you :).