Content Scrapping + Intersite Linking = Page Rank 4? WTH am I doing SEO the Wrong WAy

Some how I stumbled across a website ( that caught my eye. Well The Page Rank of this site is a PR4 and its only a few months old. As I began to dig deeper I found its a content scrapping site with nothing but duplicate content.

So the more I got into it I found that the owner is some dude in Thailand. Well he has about 100 of these content scrapping sites all interlinking with each other creating one giant link wheel. Pretty interesting. But what gets me is that the same articles and content is posted at each site? And they all have a Page Rank of 4 being less than 6 months old? So when you have about 1000k indexed pages per site all giving out links…you can amass some good page rank.

Now he has adsense on all sites, but its the Page Rank that gets me. Seems pretty basic…but talking with a colleague of mine she says every link carries some bit of Page Rank no matter how minute. Is this a way to build page rank and ultimately transfer it to your main website?

Should I be setting up millions of content scrapping websites with the goal of someday adding real fresh content and trying to rank for keywords?

Color me confused…am I doing SEO the wrong way? Is it really only about backlinks? The more the better! He obviously is not concerned with ranking for keywords…but traffic somehow does find its way to these websites. And adsense money is made (I saw a screen shot).

Should I be buying domains like “” and scrapping content so that in 5 years it will be easy to rank for keywords by adding fresh content and optimizing the site. Since it will be over 5 years old with Page Rank,a ton of indexed pages, and backlinks?

You’ve stumbled onto somebodies “link farm”, these are generally large and of course, if done correctly, can have great results, link farming is very blackhat SEO, well lets say you’ve got 100 websites on releated niches, each with 10 pages, you COULD create 100*10 backlinks to ANY domain/page you wanted to.

You then need to consider the fact, in order to have a half decent link farm, your going to have to spend a lot of money, there isn’t really a cheap option for link farming, I’ve seen the same thing been done many of times, I’ve been considering trying out some link farming ideas myself, but using free services etc.

Great insight…yeah it does look like it took along time…but idea wise it goes to show that you can build massive page rank in 4 months by going this route.

Personally i would not do this…but any knowledge gained is useful.