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to be safe what is the min percentage of originality do articles need have to be no dupe?

100% seems to be the consensus. Glad to see that.

If there is some “legal” or “practical” (based on policy, checking algoriths, etc.) minimum, I’ve really never heard of it. Integrity is the most important–and most commonly shared–character trait of the truly successful. Without Integrity, one’s Vision is faulty, so one’s goals are misguided, and even “success” in the venture fails to enrich life and increase peace.

It rewrites all posts. Once activated, all posts are being rewritten on the fly. It doesn’t modify the data from the database, so your blogs are also safe. When you want to disable rewriting, you just disable the plug in, and they all come back to their original state.
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Originality, apart from citations, should strive for 100% at all times. That’s not to say the plagiarism engines don’t have that tolerance, but why risk having a reputation for someone who writes 50% original articles??!?! People notice these things even if the tools don’t.

Don’t take the chance, it’s not worth the penalties if G finds you having duplicate content.

percentage Of Originality


yes, write as much original as possible…

I think that you should be keep in mind that you write 100% pure unique content…

100% that came in your mind.

To avoid penalties, you better use 100% fresh content…some use article spinners, but they are not good…too much grammar mistakes.

If you have to ask a percentage, you probably should just go with an entirely unique article.

it cant be duped at all but it cant be similar either up to 50% for google

100% fresh content for best practice

There are so many plagarism checkers out there. Article sites routinely check for duplicate content. Considering that many will ban you for life, anything less than 100 percent is just not worth it.

Good way to put it. Truth is though that there will be people out there that will take your article a duplicate it as they will claim it as their own. It’s best to make sure you get your article visited and indexed by the SE’s first as your copy will be considered the original. Unfortunately content theft comes with the territory of content writing.

Definitly 100%, I once used an article spinner, never again, it spun out a lot of gibberish, loads of grammatical errors. Stay away from them.

I think there is not much else I can say other than, PAY ATTENTION to everyone on this thread. Your content should be completely unique and of GREAT quality.

You can check whether your article is 100% original by using
I use it to check articles submitted to me by article writers.

If you are asking min percentage… then it must be 60-80 %…
100% is always recommended. :wink:

100% is best, else aim for 90%. Once you change a word out of every five words, that is considered original.