Content - Relevancy / Focusing on Cool Subjects?

I have 2 questions based on Content which I am quite puzzled about and I hope someone experienced can advise me:

  1. I have read in a number of places than relevancy is crucial. However, how does this positively or negatively affect your site? For example, lets say your site is based on headphones. If you were to publish an article about Jay-Z’s new album how would this affect your site. Music is obviously a major part of headphones but how does Google decide this is relevant or irrelevant?

  2. Some of the most popular blogs publish articles purely based on innovation and hot trends as it is naturally able to grab peoples attention. But can content based on cool subjects help boost a sites popularity. For example, if your site is about headphones and you publish a blog post about 3D printed headphones could this help to get retweets and links.

Hey justlukeyou,

If you are judging relevancy based on SEO factors, I would say you need to some form of keyword targeting on your articles (e.g. “headphones” appearing in your article). By this, I don’t mean to spam keywords in your articles, but to include them sporadically and seamlessly so that your article can rank for that certain keyword.

But from a marketing point of view, I feel it would be great to occasionally have articles that are not specifically related to headphones, but in the same niche area (e.g. music). For example, writing about the Jay-Z album in a headphones related site is perfectly fine, since you can assume most headphone lovers are also music lovers. Writing about trending topics in relation to your site’s niche area is possible too, and would certainly help to offer a fresh perspective in your site.

I’d imagine it would be quite boring if all the articles in your site are about headphones. Going slightly off the main topic would give a personal touch to your site, and for all you know, it might actually be popular and attract a new group of audience. Go for it and let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

  • Aaron

You can blog based on search and social media trending subjects in your niche. This isn’t new and this isn’t rocket science. The upside is, obviously, traffic. The downside is that you might not get proper return on effort because a lot of these top trending subjects don’t pay well in terms of Adsense value. However, there is a workaround to all this: list building. If you can get people on your list and the list is relevant to your posts, you can turn temporary traffic into long term cash.