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Ho much the quality of articles determines the traffic of your web site…I mean does this affect a lot or little…Please guide thanks

Thanks a lot guys for making me understand fully ! Loved you guys for that

Think of it this way – you have hundreds or thousands of other websites competing with yours. None of the internet searchers know anything about you, so the only way that you can stand out is through your content. If it’s good, people will be more likely to stick around and see what else you have to offer. If your content is bad, it will make you look less than legitimate, and it gives visitors an excuse to hit the ‘back’ button and try another site.

What do you think? :rolleyes:

If you go to a site where the articles are rubbish, are you going to stay? Are you going to go back? Are you going to recommend it to others? No, of course you’re not. And if you’re not going to do that, why would anyone else?

Cruddy sites that don’t deserve to attract traffic won’t attract traffic.
Great sites that do deserve to attract traffic will attract traffic.

it does affect a lot

one visit is enough to determine, usually within ten seconds, whether the site is worth visiting or the whether the site is “pants” (i wanted to use a word just like site but with an added h, and the forum software bleeped it out)

try to make your site worth visiting


If your article is quality then the reader will be interested to the links inserted on it. In that case, you will gain traffic.

how much mean more.
is that enough 10 article to bring back to my blog?
as a back link in your experience how much do you do?

it is hard to say weather or not affect a lot or little,i’m not sure.just try yourself to post some quality articles.maybe the more, the better.

Okay. Everybody – and I do mean every …body – says quality content like it is too obvious to define.

As any surfing session can tell you, a definition or some guidelines could really help a whole lot of sites.

And what of those graduates of the precious snowflake academy? You know, the ones who got gold stars for effort?

Is anyone seriously going to believe these people don’t think every uncapitalized syllable that drops from their favorite txting device isn’t gold? What’s to keep the deluded from simply saying “That’s Quality Content” when it is most definitely not.

Because, believe it or not, more people think they have quality content when they don’t. Quality content sits right up there with WEB 2.0 as one of the most used, most misunderstood, most mythological ideas out there.

In other words, quality content is easy to say, tough to do. Which is why more people say quality content than write it.

P.S. And yes, everyone is well aware not all content is text.


What is Quality Content

Message to Market Match – What Does This Mean? Message-to-market match is just as important for articles as copy, and just as alien to those using the words quality content.

2 Keys to Writing In Your Own Voice tackles authenticity. Most people think all they need is “Mommy told me I’m special” self satisfaction. Not enough. Your reader judges if your words match your actions. That’s authentic.

DCrux gets the last word in this old thread.

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