Content Positioning


I’m trying to position this menu in a 3-column template.

The problem is that when I insert it, other content gets pushed below the right-hand menu - as shown in the attachment. I tried playing around with the positioning but can’t seem to get it to fit correctly.

Any help is appreciated.

That link doesn’t look anything like your screen shot. Could you link to that page, or post a code demo? (Here’s how:

I can’t really provide much else because the page isn’t public yet. I was hoping the diagram that I attached would help illustrate the problem.

Have a look at that link I posted, because it demonstrates lots of options, including setting up an example of your page at CodePen. It’s free and quick, and enables us to see your code in action.

What you are seeing is not an uncommon thing, but we really need to see what code you are dealing with to know exactly what’s causing it this time. Kind of like a doctor needs to see you in the flesh to know how things are playing out in your case.