Content of hosted portfolio projects

I intend to have the websites I built for clients on my portfolio -also self hosted on the same server, eg:

Should I replace the text content of these local portfolio projects? The reason I ask is I know search engines might view duplicate content badly and punish me or my client’s websites. I could replace the text with “lorum impsum” garbage but the real text the clients wrote on the sites looks better on my portfolio. Do I have to sacrifice the quality of my portfolio for worry of search engines?

You could always try to prevent the search engines from indexing those pages. I don’t see why they would index them in the first place, I doubt anyone’s going to be searching “[your name] [specific company design]”

Then it would be simple enough to change your “robots” meta tag.

Thanks. I had forgot about the robots method for search engines. If I use the robots meta method will that 100% make sure no major search engines index those pages? I heard sometimes robots scripts get ignored or something.

This does seem like the best solution for my issue though.