Content not showing on mobile phone

The following website is showing ok on my desktop and laptop. Also on my tablet Galaxy Tab2 10" everything is ok. But when l0oking on my mobile phone Galaxy S4 the content is not showing at all. When I test it on an online simulator everything seems to be ok. What am I missing? Thank you in advance

Seems ok on my iPhone 5s.

I’ve not been able to test on an actual phone, but one thing I did notice viewing in FF RD mode, it did take a while for the content to “pop up”.
I’m guessing there is maybe an onload event to trigger that, so on a slow connection you have a bit of a wait before seeing any content.
If that be the case:-
(a) Have a little patience and wait for the content to turn up.
(b) Consider what this does for UX/bounce rate, having to wait for actual content is a big turn off for users.

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Hi Sam. On my actual phone it is not showing at all. I’m not ready as yet, so I didn’t do any optimsation as yet. I really not sure why it isn’t showing on my phone

It’s loading OK on my Android phone.

Hi TechnoBear. It was what Sam allready suggested. I didný optimize it at that time as yet. After that I did that and now it’s loading on my phone as well. Thanks for the reply. @SamA74 Thanks for the suggestion

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