Content Material?

There are so many questions regarding content material. i want to write a good content but i am facint problem in gathering proper material?

I am not clear about your issue regarding the availability of proper materials. If you can search the internet on a particular topic you would be able to get a large number of resources, from which you can start writing your content.

Materials isn’t the internet typist’s problem. Understanding that regurgitating the same text, parroting, merely proves you didn’t actually understand the material.

The problem with the internet is the ease of copy-and-paste has removed the disire for original thought. Precious few know how to make something they read their own, to really understand fundamental concepts, then sythesize that idea into original thinking on a subject.

Take an idea and turn it inside out. Take the idea in directions the person who wrote it never thought of. That is writing. Anything less is retyping someone else’s work.

Provided web surfers have already seen the same thing – in various Copyscape-passed regurgitations – parroting makes the typist look like a dull simpleton. And customers who view the article as the work of a non-expert will not listen to advice, will constantly substitute their own judgement as superior (even when outside their field), and will balk at paying even rock bottom prices.

Here are some of my suggestions when you are to write articles:

  1. Keep it simple (avoid using flowering words).

  2. Be straight forward (readers don’t have all the time to read through your articles so it is important to get their attention right in the first paragraph).

  3. As much as possible avoid placing links from other sources (it is a not advisable because you are sending a reader away from your site). If you want to use the article, you might as well consider rewriting the article itself unless otherwise you really need to put the source’s link).

Hope this will help you.

To add to those points, if you haven’t read what the “F” pattern is, do a google search. It is how readers like to read any type of text on the computer. Being straight forward and being able to catch the users attention will help get more people reading your articles.

You should not hesitate to do a lot of research when it comes to writing unique content. The more research you do the better it will be for your writing.

Apply the basic journalism rules in writing a good content for your site. 5W and 1 H. Check this article: Comprehend the Journalism “5W+H” to your Website this may help you in writing your content

On creating an effective article, it should be simple and natural and can capture the interest of your readers and get them to keep on reading.

Try using PLR material as a base for new articles. They will give you lots of ideas, and you have rights over them too.

You need to have more research about the content material that you need, the write your own version to all the ideas you’ve got.

Be more precise and explain it on your own understanding

Outsource the article writing/research and then proofread the article. Get someone else to do the mundane tasks for you

I think your first step is practicing good grammar, capitalization, and sentence-structuring skills. You want to make sense before asking your readers to be interested in the topic you choose to write about. Typically, if I’m reading an article or blog by an author with poor writing skills - in other words, if I have to think too hard to make sense of your sentences before appreciating content - I’ll usually close whatever I’m reading and find something else.

There are many differences between speaking and writing. When it comes for writing the way we present the content is more important. It must be understandable to the readers whatever the content may be. For that, you must be basically strong in grammar or at least you must have a talent of represent in the way the people understand. Good Grammar is plus point when it comes for SEO because I think Google gives good points to error free and content rich writings. So, read more blogs or writings of professionals and from that you will get some idea, then start practice to write with what you can and soon will become a professional writer. Thanks.

If your Grammar is a bit out Like mine, then write your articles and oay someone to go through them and correct the mistakes.

Well written articles are important so a few bucks to get 10 or 20 Articles quickly read and edited is a small investment in Quality. Of course fiverr is the best place in my opinion to get this work done.

Hope that helps mate,


I think just search out for the idea that what sort of material blogger are writing/producing and also what users want. then write in your own words that what do observe, experience, qualities and negative aspects regarding that topic.

The question is bit unclear. But as far as i understand your question you should go through proof reading after writing article. It will correct your mistakes.

A bit more elaboration on your problem would not go amiss.

Being this thread is nearly three months old and the original poster has not returned to respond to comments, I’m going to close it. Thanks everyone! Good posts!