Content Management System with Advanced user levels


I need some help finding a CMS for a not for profit sports exchange that I am currently help build a site. Since it is cross border and has minors involved there are a few restrictions the board will be wanting. The biggest thing we need is advanced user access control this is explained in more detail below this paragraph. Open source and free is preferred for this project.

Almost everything else we need

User level Access


Access to edit and view all pages

Coaches and Chairperson:

Team Level Access (Edit and View) - Only the team assigned
Private Sections (Store, Photo Gallery, Events, Forms, Team Detail, and Itinerary…Etc.)

Players and Parents (Participants):

Team Level Access (View) – Only the team assigned
Private Sections (Store, Photo Gallery, Events, Forms, Team Detail, Itinerary …Etc.)

Yup Drupal does this right out of the box with permissions for each role. Out of the box you have two roles: visitor and authenticated.

As the person who set up the site, you have a special account that allows for everything; sort of a master admin. From there you can create as many roles as you like and assign the appropriate permissions to each role.

I would probably go with Drupal on this as well - it has the user level restrictions out of the box and is unbelievably customisable

I’d probably go with Drupal as well but it will need a few modules, at the very least CCK and Views. Wouldn’t do a custom implementation unless I figure it would be more fun for some reason.

Personally, it would be the excellent opportunity to try out ExpressionsEngine since I haven’t done that yet. Drupal I know so that would be a safe (and boring) bet.

I’d probably lean toward a custom implementation for this.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at this tonight.

Thanks, I am hoping this is not the case.

Why? When there are so many open source CMS that will work just fine? A custom CMS for a non-profit? Doesn’t make much sense or cents to me!

Drupal can do it out of the box

Take a look at ModX