Content is the King Title is the Queen?

well i got both good content and title and still not doing so good at traffic to my site.

A great part of your traffic depends upon the age of your site. It just stands to reason that older established sites have already built up a base of fans.

In crafting content for your site, are you supplying a point of view and/or content or services that your competitors aren’t. Are you giving your visitors something they can’t find elsewhere?

If you have good content, good title, good description, and you are still not getting traffic, try promoting a few of your better pieces via Social Media platforms. However, be careful not to spam your followers. Too much Social Media promotion makes you look desperate and puts a red flag before them.

If you are doing all of that and still not getting the traffic you anticipated, maybe you need to redefine your demographic because it can only mean that you are not supplying your visitors with what they want to see, what they will come back to see more of, and what they will pass on to their circles of contacts.

agreed, a good title always grabs the eyeballs. If your content is very good but you give an average title to it, you are not justifying the article. Most of the successful bloggers not only write great content they also create great titles.

ok thanks for the advice. and is there anyway i can show u my site, i think its good but maybe u can find problems.

We have a website reviews forum here at SitePoint. After you follow the rules there (stickied as important) you may request a review of your site. At that time, let me know via pm and I will be happy to review your site.

ok i will do that when i can then, thanks

Alright! Well said. I like that happy medium thing. Writing should be fun that way. :slight_smile:

The thing that I would say is indeed Content is King but SEO is the Queen and Titles and Sub-Titles are soldiers because they guide you through the article. Many people do not have the patience to read through an entire article and they just skim it by looking at the subtitles. So, to make an articles well-read, sub-titles also become important.

This is really a very true speech that content is king and tittle is queen. The tittle will help you to grab the attention of readers. Only a good tittle can insist a reader to read the full content of your article. That’s mean without a good and attractive tittle, your content is nothing in my opinion. If you want to grow your business you must have to look after your tittle and content. By creating a great content you can reach to your goal

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definitely. I’ve noticed great open rates in emails when we use a good title for our articles. Problably the cheapest SEO tip: write great titles!

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Actually, I think the answer applies both for email marketing and SEO. A good title will get higher open rates when sending an email, and will also attract more clicks when your article shows in the SERPS. That is what SEO experts call “winning the click”.
Not only in those cases, but in all of your forms of marketing.

Let’s say you write a good, informative article. You create a great title for it, and you have to adapt it to:
Your Blog
Email Marketing.

That way, the work you’ve done will be maximized in all possible channels.

Again, great titles win the click.

I think its from big importance to have really good title, because no matter how perfect is the content it is the title that leads you to the content. Dreamwell.

This is so true! I really believe that the best content will prevail; at least that is what Google is aiming for!
But the title is still one of the biggest factors to rank well. At least for now!!

After the last penguin update back in August 2012, quality and fresh content is necessary. Google not only see the uniqueness of content but also its importance to viewers in the form of bounce rate. So jorgepson is right that we need to add some catchy lines and ideas to make people spend some time on your website or blog. Now the most effective technique to grab visitor attention is a catchy title that explains the whole theme of your article and makes the reader more curious about your writing. Secondly, the story telling tone of article or blog. It is more useful to add some unique information in your writing to keep the viewer curious.

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Yes, you are absolutely right. A good and catchy title is very important to attract visitors. At the same time the title should not drift the reader away from the main topic. The word ‘catchy’ needs to be interpreted in the right manner. The title should be both catchy and relevant to the main topic.

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