Content is king

heard content is king.But there are so [many] spammers that its hard to differentiate the real content and ****?

Is it? Spam is so obviously junk, it seems easy to differentiate it from real content. What situations are you thinking of?

I think the Unique content do not include in spammy, make the content in shallow structure with proper unique word.

That won’t work either Sanket. If I’m reading you right, are you saying that a piece of content can be 5 paragraphs of meandering text but if it is unique from the rest of the content on the Internet, it will stand out?

To be honest, I don’t think so and for me personally, I do think that this falls under the category of spam too. And if you are doing this for SEO or link building purposes, you will simply lose out to websites that are putting out useful, insightful, meaningful and obviously, unique content. :slight_smile:

I do agree with @ralph_m ; though. Just about anyone who can read can pick out spam from usable, credible content. So, to keep this thread open, I would like to see more specifics from @evolet_pearl ; Threads that generalize rarely make for any kind of good discussion. In fact, you might call them spam.

I agree with ralph.m, Spam can be easily categorized and identified an article or a page with a unique content differentiates itself from other pages because it is well written keeping in mind the interest of the audience and search engine as well, but a unique content thou written with an intention to just get visibility in search engine(i.e, for getting backlinks and SEO Benefit) is also treated as spam.

Then why anyone can say that Content is king?

Sorry, but if you are a web developer and need to ask that question, you are in the wrong business. If a web site doesn’t have any content, it has no message to deliver on a medium that is made for communication. Please start reading through this forum as we have many posts discussing the importance of quality web content here and then Google up on what the importance of web content is.

I just go through it all. Thanks

Yes, content is King and I don’t think anybody is against this. However, content that is developed using a box-checking or % of unique word or keyword repetition approach is a long way from being King on the Internet.

When my main bread and butter (fyi not the one in my sig) dropped off google I petitioned them. That and everything else I did seemed to work. My problem is I have such good quality stuff every one steals it. If I copyscape my best pages there are 200 results of strait copy and paste of the whole page. Often the whole site! Hopefully google keeps track of who was first.

Sanket, I believe there are two views surrounding that belief. First would be to have lots of content. The other would be having unique and quality content. I personally believe it is a good belief. Content is definitely king. However, I don’t believe that having lots of pages with spun re-reverberated garbage will do any good. The later idea, quality content, is king.

Not long ago, I watched a Google Developer video expanding on ways to improve a page’s content. Ironically, it’s not very hard with a modern website. They suggested allowing visitors to interact with commenting. Shallow content, along with commenting, could definitely fine-tune and evolve. I think that saying, less says more, could be a strong philosophy for writing. Especially when visitors can leave comments and develop a page better.

I think it’s all about writing skills. It depends that how much knowledge you explore through your content. Isn’t it?

It is not that hard - I am pretty sure you can do that within 5 seconds of looking. Search engines use very advanced techniques to learn that and classify the content correctly. I am pretty sure they will soon be able to that in 99.9% cases correctly. No worries!

I agree, content is king. I’ve tried spammy content blogs in the past and they worked back than, but for repeat visitors you beed to write decent content that people find useful, plain and simple. These days, I set a schedule for writing and working with writers to produce quality content.

Yes content king and there’s a lot of spammers. I think you should not worry on those spammers as Google would take care of them. The thing for you to do is to create unique and original contents. If you do that and everybody else spams, that should be good for you as you’re doing the right thing.

I think we need to define what spam is and what it isn’t. Copy/paste content isn’t spam, it’s plagiarism which is both illegal and unethical. Even content that is re-written from another source falls into this category and is called a derivative work under copyright law. I don’t want to get into copyright discussions here. There are many well-discussed threads on it in the Business & Legal section of our forums. defines spam as a disruptive message. There certainly are a lot of spammy blogs, but that would mean those where the content is continually broken up with advertising messages, not those that contain plagiarized content. Spam in a blog or on a website is usually there because the web owner puts it there.

Very well put!

also try proof pics and testimonials. they work good for me

Hi Evolet Pearl, Content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites and blogs to demonstrate their own expertise. But, we have to realize its importance. Everyone should learn how to grow his/her business or sell products by creation powerful contents. You need to build a deep understanding of the needs of your target client base and of where and how you add value. It takes time and skill. Valuable content may not be easy but it is an essential tool if you are going to grow and sustain a successful business in today’s web-driven world.