Content getting cut off instead of pushing footer down

I am having trouble figuring out why my some of my content is not pushing my footer down and being shown in full. Here is the link:

The content I am referring to is the “Downloadbutton” div at the bottom left underneath “Geofence Technology”, only the top is visible and the rest appears underneath the footer. Thanks for any help in advance.

you are using a sticky footer. I am assuming you wanted 100% height page. When you use this technique you need to add padding-bottom = to the calculated height of your footer( height + padding top + padding bottom + border top + border bottom) as a shim to the last child of your pagewrapper (I think is Content in your case).

Hope that helps.

I don’t completely understand, had help with the footer as well so I don’t completely understand how the sticky footer was accomplished.

Hm, link is not working now. Do you actually want the footer stuck to the bottom of the page? If so, compare your code with this sticky footer tutorial:

The link works fine for me, are you sure? Also, the footer moves down with the content on the page until that point, then it gets stuck. But on another page (the Alzheimers page) it goes all the way down, I cannot figure out why it works on the Alzheimers page and not on the AUtism. Here’s the link to the Alzheimers page.

I’m still getting an error message if I try to visit your site. (Could not connect to your server kind of thing …)

That’s very strange, other people are able to connect to it without any problems, is anyone else having issues connecting to the site? Raplh, do you have this issue with any other sites? What ISP are you using / where are you located?


The overlap is caused by this element that you have applied a height that is too small:

#s911_bracelet {
    background-image: url("images/s911_div_bg.gif");
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    clear: left;
  [B]  height: 326px;[/B]
    padding-left: 8px;
    text-align: left;
    width: 490px;

You have said it is 326px high bit it’s more like 400px high so any excess will cause an overlap.

Your sticky footer is completely broken though because you have a missing closing div for page wrapper and therefore the footer is inside pagewrapper and not sticky at all. In the other page you have both the missing closing div for #pagewrapper and for Content so validate your page and fix the missing tags.

As you don’t seem to understand how a sticky footer works you would be better off removing the code for it and just using a normal footer as you seem not to have noticed the difference anyway :slight_smile: The method you are using is a flawed concept anyway so if you do need a sticky footer then spend some time studying the link Ralph gave and then when you are comfortable with how it works you will be able to implement it more efficiently.

Also never do this:

<span class="mini_heading">Web page</span>
								<p>You can view your own web page from any web- based computer. You have 
										the capability on your site to view numerous devices. All of the products 
										operate on the same platform allowing for the mixing of our products. </p>
								<br />
								<span class="mini_heading">G-shock</span>

Use html efficiently and if a heading is a heading then use a heading tag of suitable level.

Don’t use breaks to make line spaces either. Most pages contain very few breaks at all unless for separating form elements, addresses, poems and the like. For text a paragraph has a logical conclusion and should end with a closing p tag and then start another p element. Never use breaks just to make space.

Hope that’s of some help :slight_smile:


OK, I can see the alzheimers page now, but clicking the link to the autism page throws an error. Is that page still online?

I don’t normally have a problem viewing sites. My ISP and/or location wouldn’t be a factor here, but I’m in Australia.[/ot]

Just to give more results, I did not have any issue at all connecting to your page.

What happens if you go to the page and click the autism link in the menu? I get an error page.

No issues.

Thanks for checking RyanReese, Ralph, I have no idea why you are having issues. This is very strange and I need to figure out if this is an issue that other people might be having, maybe it’s some sort of DNS issue? Anyone else from Australia or any other countries having this issue? maybe it’s a cache issue (probably not though). Anyone have any ideas why Ralph could be having these issues connecting to the site when no one else is having the3se issues?

Perhaps you can go into the server forum on here and see if anyone over there has ideas :).