Content and z-index

hi everyone :slight_smile:

i have a weird problem

when i put a long text in my content div everything looks fine

but if i put just 1line the problem show up

the best way to show you my problem is to present 2 html pages, with same css and same images files the only different is in the inner div (the text)



help me please :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I’ve not fully tested this but i noticed that the negative margin is causing some layout issues, try removing it. The code is in your β€˜main2.css’ file , line 235.


Hope that helps :slight_smile:

youre right the margin is the problem but its must.

i found a js solution for min 261px height (inner div)

var divh
divh = document.getElementById('inner').offsetHeight;
if (divh < 261)
	document.getElementById('inner').style.height = 261+'px';

if someone have a better solution i will be happy to hear :slight_smile: