Contaminated domain name

20 years I have been creating website and this one is a first. I landed a client who came up with a domain name he just bought. A very small site for a new business offering IT services nothing out of the ordinary and nothing I thought that could be a problem.

Where we hit a snag is when I started setting up the “Coming soon” page.

Surprise, surprise, my AVG antivirus forbid to open it up in my browser alleging of phishing.
A search into Google Safe Browsing was pretty clear: in the past this domain name got infected and was marked as a dangerous website, another search into the Wayback machine and I found out that my client’s domain name had indeed various previous lives, changed owner at least a couple of times, and the last time it appeared live was in March 2017.

I applied to Google for removal and we got removed pretty fast, 2 weeks ago now. My client’s problem now is that AVG Antivirus still blocks accessing this website (I contacted AVG support) and I noticed that Twitter also blocked publishing any tweets containing this domain name (I also contacted their support).

Here are the questions:

  • any clue what AVG and Twitter are using to filter traffic ?
  • what other software could be blocking using my client’s domain name (I installed Kasperksy on another machine and browsing that domain name works) ?
  • what other surprises could we found around the corner ?

The domain has probably ended up on those services’ blacklist.
Twitter makes it clear how to get your domain off their lists here.
AVG have an online form here for you to fill out. I would especially make it clear your client has just purchased the domain as a new registrant. (They are a new registrant of the domain, yes?)


Yes, my client is the new registrant, domain wasn’t used since March 2017

@m_hutley Thanks for the links in Twitter and AVG I just posted a request there. Would you know any other services that I should checkout ?

I have checked my client’s domain name thru various services and found out that bitdefender was also marking that domain as dangerous. I submitted a request for removal from here

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One week down the road: Google SafeBrowsing, AVG and bitdefender removed my client’s website from their list. Twitter still doesn’t allow message containing that particular website URL

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