Containers & Kubernetes


AlibabaCloud offers a managed Kubernetes Container Service. This means that you get all the benefits of using Kubernetes without the burden of maintaining Kubernetes itself (yes, it’s a burden). Specially with new releases, manually updating an existing cluster is painful.

We can find really great documentation in their website. My favorite: how to deploy and integrate istio (a service mesh) in the cluster. Istio is like a very good companion that will keep an eye on all the traffic in your cluster. You can even do A/B testing, new version of your application? want to test if it can really handle some traffic? No problem, route some % of your live traffic, and monitor . If all is good, just switch all the traffic. Something wrong? No problem revert the change.

Is freakishly easy how you can do this with AlibabaCloud and its Kubernetes service. On top of this you get: monitoring, distributed tracing and smart routing. I’m just linking to their documentation because its THAT good.


How does it compare to Kubernetes on AWS or Google Cloud Platform?

And how does it compare to Google AppEngine, which sounds rather comperable to what you’ve described?