Container not expanding

Hi All,

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MY container seems not to be expanding at all. I’m supposed to be showing a graident for the menu and white background for the content area.

I have run it and my css file through a validator and it validates. What can be the issue here?

I think this is the fairly common issue people have with floats.

Basically, #container (who is a static block) can see #header but can’t see the floated cols. So, for #container, it’s as if they don’t exist, and does not include them when it considers height: auto.

You’ll want to read Paul’s Everything you wanted to know about floats but were afraid to ask and Gary’s [url=]Enclosing floats article.

Someone will come along and say
“throw overflow: hidden on #container
and that will work.

But you should be aware of why it works and when not to use it. It’s like when aspirin was a miracle drug and then gave kids Reye’s syndrome.

just solved the problem

I put overflow:hidden on my container statement in my css file… DOH!!!

Lawlz. : )