Contact Book Software

Hey all. I’m looking for some software for Windows 7 to organize my contacts. I know that Windows 7 has their weird contact thing, but I don’t really like that. I’m looking for contact software that is easy to use, has a nice interface, and has a lot of features that are useful - something like Evernote but for the desktop (do they have a desktop app?).

Any thoughts? Personal preferences? Any programs that you use?

Please note that I am aware of online services like Gmail’s Contacts, etc. I really want a desktop program.


Apparently the answer is yes.

You could also try searching somewhere like SourceForge.

I was thinking more of an Evernote Hello. I could swear that I saw something exactly like Evernote w/ an address book from an ad…it was in beta mode, had a nice website design…anyone know?