Consolidating Subsidiary Websites, Needing Dynamic Forms

Oof. I’ve got a unique conundrum, friends. Would love your input.

I work at the parent company, we have a WordPress site. We have lots of subsidiaries, each on their own subdirectory. There’s a lot of overlap in the services they offer, just at different locations. So right now, each subsidiary has their own portion of the website, showcasing all their services (which, for industry-specific reasons I won’t go into, change occasionally).

In other words, right now:

Business is good, we’re growing fast. It’s unsustainable to keep up with the constant content changes required every time child1 updates their services, we add child25, or we update the way we handle service3 and have to make that update on 20 different pages.

So we’re wireframing a new website design that consolidates everything. Customers would filter by location and service, when they find one appropriate to what they want, they submit a form indicating interest in that specific service at that specific location (or maybe if they’re willing to travel - just that service at ANY location).

I’ve run into 2 problems with this plan.
Problem 1: Each form is linked to a 3rd party system that manages customers for each of the subsidiaries. This is not a centralized account. Each subsidiary has their own. When someone hits Submit, that form needs to connect to the right instance of the appropriate subsidiary’s account. If I have one form to rule them all, I’m not sure how to make it dynamically understand where to send the information.
Problem 2: Each form is linked to a different Thank You page. Although the front-end content may be identical on these pages, they each have different conversion tracking that communicates with our marketing automation software. So if I have one form to rule them all, I’m not sure how to make it dynamically understand which Thank You page to use (triggering the correct conversion tracking).

Anyone aware of a powerful form builder that would allow dynamic code on the Submit button, essentially based on a series of If/Then statements? Or any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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