Console.log misleadingly says array.length = 0


please have a quick look at this CodePen:

When I console.log() the length of the array, it returns 0 … even though I can iterate through the array. Why is that?

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This looks a bit like PHP to me:

var array = new Array;

array['a'] = 'a';
array['b'] = 'b';
array['c'] = 'c';


for (var key in array) {

PHP does not distinguish between indexed and associative arrays, whereas JavaScript does (in so far as JS only has indexed arrays*, for an associative array you would use an object).

var array = [];

array[0] = 'a';
array[1] = 'b';
array[2] = 'c';

=> 3

Perhaps you are trying to do this:

var obj = {
  "a": "1",
  "b": "2",
  "c": "3"

=> 1

This might help: How to Create and Manipulate Arrays in JavaScript

* Kinda:

What you’re doing in your pen is adding additional properties to your array object, not array-elements. This doesn’t increment its length, and you can’t access these properties with native array methods – e.g. try array.pop(), which will return undefined. If you want to get the “length” of your object, try


instead. Iterating over the (enumerable) properties works for any object however, which is why you’re getting the output you’re expecting in the for ... in loop.

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Wow, thanks so much! :thumbsup:

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