Consistent monthly traffic can boost Online Sales better?


Do you think having consistent monthly supply of traffic can help me boost may help us boost our online sales better?


Are you letting site visitors know how many others visit the site?
Would they be impressed enough to then decide to buy?

If the traffic is targeted, maybe. The thing is if you buy it from a third party, it will not be quality traffic even if it is “targeted” (they may say whatever they want, most of the time it isn’t). That would be quite useless.

Now, if that consistent monthly supply of traffic are visitors that go back to your site over and over, that means that you have something that they want :slight_smile:

I ordered paid to click trafic paid about $30 and i think my blog got about 20-30 new viewers (after the traffic stopped) for my blog

It depends on the type of your product/site for online sales which you have mentioned and also bounce rate of traffic must be considered to boost up your online sales better.

if the traffic is targetted one , you will boost your sales, but unwanted traffic will not increase your sales.simple as that