Cons of changing blog title & domain

Hello everyone. I have a burning question: does editing the blog title on WP, and therefore the domain name, have an impact on the blog views?

My blog is a collective project called Scribacchini, which we would like to change into Scribacchine, and so along with the domain. One of my fellow blogger is adamant that this will cause the blog total views to decrease (we are talking of WP stats, not Google Analytics.)

In my view, editing the blog title won’t change much (given that I am only changing one letter) could you tell me if I am wrong?
Also, is there a checklist of things I should know, before changing the title?

If someone could help me, I would be very grateful! I have tried browsing online looking for answers but only got more confused. :pray:
Many thanks,

I can’t imagine how changing the title would have any impact on views.
But changing the domain could have an effect, as you are effectively changing your address.
That has potential to lose your indexing and ranking with search engines, as well as any inbound links, as the new domain will be seen as an entirely different and new site.
But the answer to that would be to set up redirects from the old domain to the new. This will let search engines know you have changed address, so you should not lose traffic from what is already indexed, and the index can be updated.

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Thanks a lot you Sam. Would it be fine then to edit the title only? Is there any consequence if title and domain don’t match?
Sorry these are very basic questions, I know :neutral_face:
Thank you!

I don’t see why there should be.
Even changing the domain, with proper redirects, any hit you take in search should only be temporary, while indexes get updated. Though you may need to keep the old domain and redirects in place longer for any inbound links that are not updated, if there are any of any value.

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Google has full information on the best way to change a domain, if you decide to go down that path.


Thank you so much, this was very helpful

Thanks a lot TechnoBear. I think we’ll start with the title and then we’ll figure out the domain and the redirection. I have already improved by logging in here, as I was a bit confused between title and domain :grinning:

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