Connection to Foreign DB?

Hi there, just a quick question, my boss has asked for me to send a mass emailer tomorrow to our database as we have a sale ending on Tuesday and want to push it a bit.

I’ve got in touch with our webhost who says that we have an unlimited email allowance so we can send as many as we want. Thing is, we don’t have a MySQL database (yet). Our current database is with my personal webhost who will NOT allow me to send any more than 200 emails per day.

So basically, am I ok sending the emailer from works host but connecting to the database of my personal account to grab the email addresses and update an enum so I know who has been sent the emailer.

Just wondering if this will cause any issues to my personal hosting in regards to bandwich or anything.

Your webhost probably will not allow remote MySQL (or any RDBMS) remote connections. This is off by default in MySQL I believe.

That being said, why not export the emails to a CSV, import into a table at your work, and fire away?


Hi thanks for your message. Absolutely having our own database is the way forward. However, it’s out of my hands to set it up and need to get our hosting company to do it, but they’re a little slow off the mark which can be frustrating. The sale ends on Tuesday so it needs to go ASAP. Not a lot I can do, he won’t switch to a different host! Gerrrr!!!