Connection to a EPP server - dealing with two api's - hard (so I believe)

Hello all,

I need to connect to a EPP server and perform several tasks using a specific program. That program accepts PHP and provides me the access to the interface elements (that the user can use to send requests (input boxes, submit buttons).

Instead of doing the requests the hard way, the EPP main registrar also allows us, to use a set of XML commands do send to the server, and to receive responses from the EPP server as well.

Before I can do this XML I will need to connect to the server, however, I’ve been given a URI like: something.dns.xp:3231 .

Question 1)
How should we connect to this server, knowing that that uri as been given?

Question 2)
I will need to code some XML commands into a .php file, each function on that file, will correspond to a EPP task, my question is then, whatever method I use to connect, do I need to, each time a function is called, to connect to the server?

Please, if any details are required so that I can have an answer, let me know.
I’m absolutely stuck. :injured:


Using a socket. But it depends on what the server allows.

If we want to. But we can connect, and from there, <login><command><logout>

at the end of the process, I can close the socket connection.

Again, this also my differ for the server requirements.

Hope this helps someone somehow in a future.