Connection reset by peer. Urgent Help

Hi Team,

I am getting error “Connection reset by peer” for my site hosted on rackspace.

This is in Laravel and mongodb site.

Please help me with this.

I’m not seeing any error messages.

Temporary glitch, resolved?

Not yet.

I am not getting any logs in apache as well.

What could be the reason for “Connection reset by Peer” on Chrome and “The connection was reset” on FF

Please help.

I don’t really know.

The only time I’ve seen “reset by peer” is in the CLI of my VMs when the SSH was sent to a port. – I think.

eg. the VM guest pulls from localhost:8080 but serves the site at localhost:3000

Something like that anyway. sys ops is over my head and when I do succeed it’s more by sheer luck and coincidence than it is any understanding on my part.

In chrome console I am getting 502 error.

I’m no sys op either, but I wonder if this might help @barbara1712

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