Connection Failure

Hi I have a website running on a server, but the IP address has changed and I updated the code with the new IP address, and updated the DSN also, but When I try to upload records to a SQL database I get an error “Connection Failure”,
I tried deleting the DSN and creating it again but it didnt change anything.
I restarted IIS, and the coldfusion services
I changed it back to the original IP address and all worked fine, only problem is, that IP address is now been used for something else so I cant keep it for this server

Does anyone know where else the IP address could be stored?

Okay … that’s not a very informative statement. Can you please provide the specific details of your environment and configuration?

Where’s the site hosted?
What type of web server (Version of IIS?)
Which version of CF?
What version of SQL Server?
Do you have access to the Administrator?
Did you verify the DSN in the ColdFusion Administrator?

You stated that you changed it back to the original IP address …

What is IT? The Database Server or the Website?

If you want help from the forum you need to provide a clear and concise description of the problem your having. You cannot expect us to provide useful responses if you don’t provide us with a clear depiction of your problem …