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Can I ask, my company provides us a VPN connection, my question on this if we are connected via VPN, does our server or company track the sites that we are visiting, for example, I’m opening in laptop facebook, youtube do they know this?

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You need to ask this question to the IT person/division at work.

They can log/track the traffic, the question is if they do it or not.

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Ok thank you, so it is possible that they can track if they want to, now I know.

VPNs are not zero-knowledge. By design, when you use a VPN, all of your online traffic passes through the VPN, so the provider sees everything you do.

If I was you, I would assume they do track you.


They certainly can check.

All a VPN does is provide an encrypted tunnel between two computers.

If your company controls the DNS - which they likely do - or have any trcking software installed, they can see EVERYTHING you do online!!


I’m going to use my favourite tech answer here: it depends :smiley:

VPN connections are based on a configuration file. The easiest configuration is indeed to route all data through the tunnel, but you can specify that you want only certain IPs and/or subnets to be routed through the tunnel while all the rest is routed as normal.

True, but split tunneling normally requires some extra configuration on the part of the user.

Today, it’s very difficult to achieve anonymity in the network, especially from a laptop. I use my smartphone with VPN to surf the pages I need. If you don’t know how to test your VPN, use special sites that will help you find out if you’re protected. Security on the Internet is very important, because all information about you can be found out and used against you. To protect yourself, use only high-quality VPN servers and don’t spare a few dollars to buy a paid version of the VPN, because your security depends on it.

that’s true, online privacy is a big issue today. I also use vpn to protect my data, it works well.


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