Connecting to fox pro database with PHP


I am trying to connect to a foxpro database to do a basic select query however I cannot make the connection. The error I have received is

Source :ADODB connection

provider can not be found it may not be installed correctly ,
I have reinstalled this countless times with no change

Any help would be appreciated

Sorry, not something I’ve tried. You might be better posting in either “Server Config” or “Databases”, as this sounds more like a configuration problem - this is more about PHP programming questions once you have things working.

Well for starters, i’d stop using foxpro, considering it was discontinued over a decade ago.


I’ve never used this. Are you trying to install an extension?

I’ve worked with a few different databases, but foxpro isn’t one of them. I first went to the PHP documentation and from there got the impression that the dBase PECL package would be needed, and that it’s dependency on PEAR meant that would also need to be installed. I then found there is an ADOdb abstraction layer. I got the impression individual drivers would need to also be installed.

Without knowing exactly what “this” you have installed I can only generalize.

You need to ensure that all dependencies are installed. You need to ensure that the versions of everything involved are compatible with each other.

I suggest that while you’re setting things up to have full error reporting enabled and start small with a simple connection instead of any queries so if you get a fail you’ll know without doubt it’s an environment problem and not out of date syntax etc. causing the problem.

It was a really silly problem to have just never encountered it , the error was in that the version of php was 64bit and the foxpro driver was 32bit quick fix was to change the php to 32bit and it worked immediately, thanks for the replies all is sorted now ,

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