Connecting 2 scenes into 1 clip

Hi everyone,
I created at the first scene a clip, say, red shape turns into blue shape. It worked fine.
Then, with my Flash 8 i selected “scene” from “insert” menu. At the 2nd scene I created another clip: A circle becomes a square. That one worked fine too.
Now, each scene is doing the job but how do i make those 2 scenes work together as one clip ? I’d like to have one clip that starts with a red shape turns to blue and ends with circle becomes square. How do i do that ?

Why are you creating multiple scenes for, just use the timeline once you animate your square into a circle just create another keyframe after a few frames of the circle and have to turn into the square, you shouldn’t need scenes at all. Upload the .fla if ur still having problems. :slight_smile:

Hi theBillionaire,
Thanks for your response.
The reason why i made my clip consisted of 2 scenes is that i wanted to learn how to work with scenes. Scenes may not be essential in that example but i’d still like to be able to work with scenes.