Connect security scanner with php attendance system

is that possible that when Employee pass through security scanner before entering office then his time is recorded and when he left office and passed through scanner than it should be recorded as ending time. and when ever employee passed though that scanner and remain in office, this time should be calculated.

is that possible to connect php attendance script with scanner and calculate employee time

I would think it is possible. It would depend upon the interface of the scanner, not something I have experience of.
How it the employee identified at scan time?

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perhaps with QR code scanning wiith some sort of card

I was thinking along those lines. If each person has an ID card/badge with an unique barcode, that could be scanned on arrival and departure.
Barcode scanners appear just like a keyboard input to a computer, so the ID scan can go in to an HTML form input. PHP can process that input knowing the ID of the person arrived and the time, which may be recorded to database in the usual way.
A digital version of the old “clocking in” cards they used to have.

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