Connect database to html


i created a upload some documents in the public_html with name legal documents and i created a html page on the website main page via admin panel can u tell me how do i connect these each other??

well, somewhere in your admin panel you, should be given an option to edit that page you made… Just put the legal documents links in a list, that doesn’t require php just basic html.

I assume you are using some CMS? Edit the in your cms admin panel and make links to the documents in ./LegalDocments/

Its a costume ready made script so really does not know much about php

Just got your PM, a link to your site does not help any.

Now you are asking a completely different question, and without a CMS name, not many people can help…

Discussion continued Adding a web page

In the cms it says create page where i can enter page name,description,active ,footer or header i wonder how can i change the folder name from here