Confussed with Craigslist

Hi everyone. I created three different clickable, image/ads. Then I created an account

with Craigslist… On the 19th of this month I posted my first ad in Pittsburg, Pa.

I recieved an email showing where it could be viewed, everything looked ok.

On the 23rd I posted one of my other image/ads in Philadelphia, Pa. I recieved an

another email like the first. Under my account it showed two active ads. Yesterday

I posted my third clickable image/ad in Allentown, Pa. I once again got an email

showing where it can be viewed. If I click on the link, it takes me to it, and works

great. In my account it now shows three active ads. Nice!.. But when I try to see

them in the listings on the site, I can’t find any of them. I tried contacting

CL with my question, but of coarse they didn’t get back to me. I just don’t understand

how it says three active ads, but I can’t find them in the other listings placed the

same days I posted mine. Am I doing something wrong?.. Also I noticed it says some of

the ads are active for 45 days. Should I be posting my same ads more often to keep them on

the front page? If anyone who posts ads or uses CL often, can please help me with all

of this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,


Welcome to CL…the shithole of the internet.
Your ads were ghosted. Could be for one of a hundred reasons that CL does this but more than likely coz you posted images with links, or in cities that your IP was not consistent with or…you name it.

Hi socalguy. Thanks for the reply. I bet your right. The more I think about it the more I

dislike CL. Its probably because I’m not from those cities I tried posting in.

Oh well, off to find some other classified sites. Lol. Thanks again.


Here are my proven techniques and suggestion:

1- Less images, more text ( Your ads must have unique but generic content)
2- If you’re posting in Craigslist then care about your IP address it is very important
3- Only post one ad with one account in 24 hours.

I’ve only begun experimenting with advertising in CL and the above is exactly what I’ve found.