Confusion over websites, blogs and social media

Ok, to date i’ve done a few static websites for artists. Now i have a new client, a political candidate, who wants a site with video, image gallery, “and the full array of social networking stuff”. So where do i start to make this as easy as possible for all of us? Would Wordpress be good for this? Is there a favorite for, how do you say, social media aggregator?

I always start here , at sitepoint, and if there are books or articles you can suggest i’m game for that, but time is of the essence so the faster i can get this going the better!

Note i have a kindle so on line books are good, or tutorials and articles in plain language.

One last thing, i have no idea what an rss feed is.

Alright. Sorry no one has answered your question. I’ll do my best. Also, in the future, for thirty minutes after your post, there’s an edit button. Use that instead of triple posting.

Integrating social media onto your site is really easy. Since everyone wants you to use their SM platform, they go out of their way to provide developers with plug-ins that link to their site. If you go on the site and search around (or just google ‘Twitter website plug-in’), it will be easy to find.

If you don’t want to use their plug-ins (which can get boring and old when you’ve seen the same plug-ins thousands of times), you can just link to profiles yourself. For instance, look at the popular blog of (in my own opinion, fantastic) developer Lea Verou. She links to 9 different sites, and therefore 9 ways to follow her. If you don’t want to use a standard, generic icon, there are tons, and I do mean tons of icon packs that can spice things up, so that you don’t use the default icon (which is admittedly boring). In fact, I, myself, have 94 packs of various, all totally different (theme-wise) social icon buttons, encompassing 200MB (of, in general 64x64 .png files - so, yeah. :slight_smile: ) worth of space, and in total, 4,315 icons. I also have the types of licenses for each one. If you want any of them or want me to recommend them a pack to you, pm me and I can help you out.

I don’t know why you mentioned the video and image gallery - do you want help on how to do that?

Can’t think of any tuts or articles off the top of my head.

An RSS Feed, to the best of my knowledge, is a type of XML feed where the author of a frequently-updating site posts the information to an RSS Feed. That feed is just a way for users to ‘subscribe’ to the author. It’s like a blog, just much simpler. That might be confusing. Do you have questions still?

Hope I helped.

Thanks teh yoyo. The problems i’ve had so far is configuring facebook “recommend” buttons, and was afraid that all of the social media sites had similarly confusing integration instructions. Today, i HAVE actually just started collecting cool icon pacs and for sure i’d like to see more. I thought that i would simply insert those and link to the corresponding social media site.

The video, i now think that i have that part figured out.

I appreciate your response, and thank you for your time. I’ll send you a pm if you dont mind sharing some icon set sources. I am sick and tired of the same old buttons everywhere i look, i actually think that it’s getting tobthe point where people don’t even notice them anymore. Found some today that look like old worn-out bottle caps. What better perk for a site than someting to break up the monotony.

I totally agree. It all becomes part of the landscape. The bottle caps are nice…I think I have three sets of different type of bottle caps. Keep in mind, though, that you wouldn’t use certain packs for certain tasks. For instance, I have a pack of gummy bear icons…I wouldn’t want to use that set if I were hosting a nature photography site. See what I mean? I have lots of icons that look awesome, but if they don’t fit my purpose, then I wouldn’t use them in a million years.

Also make sure that you have the license to do so. Most icon packs are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution, meaning that you’re OK for personal and commercial use, but you need to link back to their site. Some are totally free and some don’t allow commercial work at all. Keep that in mind, especially if you’re working for a political candidate. Scandal!


Good to know, Teh yoyo, i would certainly feel horrible if my candidate got busted for stolen gummy bear icons! I do sites mostly for my artist friends, so for certain types of folk art the retro look would be good, modern glass could be good for the slick, minimalist buttons. One set was “peeling labels”, that would be unique but could also really annoy certain types of people.

I just realized that those buttons should really be linked to the social media’s “share” link, for my purposes, i’m wanted people to be drawn ON to the site, not to send them OFF to facebook. Right?

For social media integration I would recommend addthis. It essentially normalizes the implementation details and provides a unified interface with configurable options.

As for RSS feed do you need to create one or consume an already existing one redisplaying the content within the context of the site your building?

As for RSS feed do you need to create one or consume an already existing one redisplaying the content within the context of the site your building

Oddz, i want to create one. I will be working in wordpress, as he wants “buddy press”.

Thank you for the advice on the social media integration. I always get such amazingly good advice here. I really appreciate it.

Making such website is not difficult at all on Wordpress you just need to get the right theme for your blog try premium themes and rss feed is kinda same posts on your site jst in a coding shape…!

In response to the second question, I had similar questions. Visit this thread to see exactly what I asked. I’m sure if you post there or pm Ted he’ll be happy to help.

I don’t think that an RSS feed would be totally appropriate for your site. RSS Feeds are like cut-down blogs. They’re text-only ‘documents’ what would benefit people looking for status updates, but not for a political candidate. What would you post? ‘Visit our site because we have new pictures!’ messages? This relates to the thread that I posted where just because you necessarily can include it doesn’t exactly mean you should.

Got it?


Note:Glad we/I could help you out. :smiley: