Confused with BYO WP Themes

Hi, I’m a little confused by info on p94-96 in relation to the supplied code archive and info given in the book

On page 94, the examples given show the newstyles.css file as the file being edited…

however on page 96 the book states…

As I add and adjust more styles, my theme begins to take shape.We’ll omit all the gory details from
this book, but if you’re curious to see what I came up with, feel free to dive into the code archive
14and examine my CSS.

…You can
see what I achieved in Figure 4.17 using only CSS changes. You can poke through the styles I used
in the v4 folder in the code archive for this chapter.15

when looking in the code archive… there is no newstyles.css file only the style.css file

Which file is it we are meant to be editing newstyles.css or styles.css??