Confused myself

Hi all, looking for some help with the design of my website.

For some reason, certain aspects don’t work correctly.

The first is that the loading bar reads “oading” despite clearly having the “L” in the .swf file.
The second is that the contact form doesn’t allow for certain characters to be entered. For example, if your email address is “” then when you type it in it reads “” because the letters “b”, “n”, “y” and “o” are not accepted and neither is “@”

The site is here:
Dan Fryer - Animal Consultant

Have a look for yourself, any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated

Either the font hasn’t had a complete alphanumeric set of characters embedded (required for dynamic and input textfields), or the font itself is incomplete (very occasionally get this with ‘trial’ versions of commercial fonts)

Thanks for the reply, my question now is - how do i embed everything properly? lol
I’m using CS5 and have tried to embed using that function but it just doesnt want to play