Confuse taking data form 2 tables in database

I want to create a online toefl test . Now I want to calculate the final score of the user. I want to take the data from the two tables of the database, that is table score_structure and table score_listening .

I would like to take the column score in the table score_structure and table score_listening and then count them. but when i run it, score from table score_Sturcute and table score_listening did not get in. please help mee

<? php

              $email = $_SESSION['email'];

              $final="SELECT score_listening.score_list,score_structure.score_struct FROM score_listening, score_structure     WHERE =
                      AND = $email";
                $SkorAkhir = (($ScoreListening+ $ScoreStructure+ $score)/3) * 10; 

              $simpan = "INSERT INTO score_reading VALUES ('$email', '$score')";
              $NA = "INSERT INTO final_score VALUES ('$email', '$ScoreListening', '$ScoreStructure', '$score', '$FinalScore')";
              if(mysql_query($simpan) && mysql_query($NA)){
              }else {
                    echo mysql_error();


When you jumble PHP field names inside of SQL queries you need them in quotes. = '$email'"

Better is to use prepare statements to keep the data separated from the code.

ok, thank you

Also what @felgall forgot to mention as well as using prepared statements is that the mysql_* extension that you’ve used (which doesn’t support prepared statements) was removed from version 7 of PHP

I have lost count of how many times I’ve mentioned that in the last six months.

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And me - I was just replying to the other post from this user and decided not to turn yet another thread off its original topic.

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